AVENGERS MOVIE: Avengers Assembling?

A State of the Marvel Comics Movie Projects Union.

So where are we at with regards to the development of any upcoming Avengers movie based on the Marvel comics? Well this is mostly speculation on my part (hey isn't that what blogs are for? lol) but it looks like things are progressing nicely.

So far, we have had the mucho-successful Marvel Entertainment Iron Man movie, starring Robert Downey Jr and lots of expensive CGI released on the Summer movie-going audiences, replete with a brief cameo appearance by the head of SHIELD himself, Samuel Jackson -er, sorry - Nick Fury, who makes an equally brief reference to an 'Avengers Initiative' (actually based more on Marvel's Ultimates comic series, set in the Marvel Ultimate universe).

Coming up, we have the soon to be released Incredible Hulk movie, starring Ed Norton, Wiliam Hurt and Liv Tyler which will make reference to a special human enhancement serum that is akin to the 'super soldier serum' of Captain America lore. In fact, the latest info was that there would be quite a bit of a tie in to the Super Soldier Program during the Hulk movie including scenes of how much it affects human abilities. Don't forget, that there is also the earlier leaked cameo by Downey Jr in the Hulk movie with him reprising his Tony Stark role from only a month before.

Hmmm, sounds interesting...

Speaking of Captain America, we should not forget that a Captain America movie is supposed to be in production in 2009.

As well there is the talk that a Thor movie is also in the works not too far in the future.

To be honest, I look at all of this and cannot help but think to myself that the future looks really bright for Marvel Entertainment's movie division, and that it might have been a stroke of genius to make the move to financing their own projects and hiring the studios to make them to order, because it has really given Marvel the freedom/ability to lay out a framework that could see some very entertaining and successful movies produced that should ultimately lead to one heck of a kick ass Avengers movie at the end of it all.

( and it should make for some really neat o T-shirts and action figures, too! )